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by Noah Gordon
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Sam and Other Animal Stories
Sam Noah Gordon's children's book, Sam and Other Animal Stories has been published in Germany and Spain in both the Spanish and Catalan languages.
The author says: "If you are a child, I wrote these stories for you. Well, actually, this book began when I told or read my stories to my grandchildren. I wanted to entertain them, but when the stories made them more interested in wild animals, it made me feel good.
"As people build more houses and shops and factories, wild animals have fewer places to live, and fewer admirers. I would like children to know that wild animals are fascinating and valuable. They are very different from stuffed animals, or pets, or animals you may see in a zoo.
"One of these stories is true. It is about my son Michael and a beautiful wild turtle. In the other stories, I imagined all the children.  But the animals and birds are creatures I knew and watched when I lived for a long time on a tree farm in the hills of western Massachusetts."


"Sam and Other Animal Stories is made up of five tales which entertain and at the same time ask for reflection. The magical text of this book.contains bright ideas, clear vocabulary, and expositive simplicity. Without being moralistic, Gordon constructs delicious stories of animals and their wonderful link with humans. He reminds us of Isaac Bashevis Singer's observation that 'children are the best readers of authentic literature.'"
  El Periodico

"An alternative for children tired of Harry Potter, by one of the most read authors of the world."

"What started as [Noah Gordon's] gift for his Spanish grandchild has been transformed into a tender and didactical book of a man obsessed with peace."

"Sam and Other Animal Stories makes of its young readers observers of living nature and creates a magnitude of the spirit.[This book] shows
children how to live together and love small things."

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