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Awards and Honors

In June of 2006 the City of Zaragoza honored Noah Gordon with a special award, a Zaragoza Prize given "for his body of work in the field of the historical novel."

Over a four-week period the German television station ZDF took nominations from a vast audience regarding their best-loved literary works. More than 12,000 books were nominated. Der Medicus (The Physician) was number seven in all-time popularity, ranked between Thomas Mann's Buddenbrooks (number six) and Paul Cuelho's The Alchemist (number eight).

The Last Jew was awarded the Boccaccio Literary Prize,  presented in Certaldo, Italy.

The Last Jew was chosen as runner-up for the Boston Authors Club annual Book of Literary Merit Award.

The Last Jew was listed as #10 among the top international sellers in the year 2000 by Marketing Partners in their newsletter, Publishing Trends.

In Spain, The Last Jew won the Que Leer Prize for the "Best Book of the Year by a Foreign Author." The prize, awarded by Que Leer, a leading Spanish review of books, was presented at ceremonies held at the Madrid Book Fair.

At the Madrid Book Fair, The Physician was voted one of the "Ten Most Loved Books of All Time" by the booksellers of Spain.

Noah Gordon was awarded the Silver Basque Prize at San Sebastián, Spain, for Matters of Choice. The prize is given annually by the Basque booksellers of Spain and France.

Shaman was named one of six Premio Seleziones in Italy's Bancarella competition.

Shaman was given the James Fenimore Cooper Prize by the Society of American Historians as "the best historical novel published in 1991 and 1992."  

Noah Gordon received the Silver Basque Prize in San Sebastián for The Physician.  

Noah Gordon was voted Germany's "Author of the Year" by the readers of the Bertelsmann Book Club.  Later that year, in Munich,  he received the Golden Pen Award that went with the honor.

Boston University Alumni Distinguished Achievement Award

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