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How to find a reliable math tutor online | Math tutor near me

A lot of parents today are worried about the quality of the education their kids get at schools and colleges. Public educational institutions often lack facilities and qualified staff to teach all students enrolled. That is the reason why their parents search for alternative ways to ensure in-depth knowledge of school subjects to their kids and help them pass standardized tests to get into colleges. Oftentimes, mathematics appears to be one of the toughest subjects to comprehend, so parents and their kids understand they need maths tutors to cope with it. But how to find the most reliable math helper? In this guide, we will share the most important things you need to pay attention to get the best maths tutor near me or math for kids with Brighterly.com

What do children learn in 1st Grade at School

The start of first grade is a huge accomplishment for any child. In just one more year, they will be able to read and count with greater skill than ever before! Your little genius could very well thrive in math for first graders this time around too. So make sure you're prepared by learning all about what's required from him or her at their new mathematics level.
You’ve got a first grader! The year ahead is going to be full of exciting mathematical growth for your child. If you want them heading into high school ready and confident in their reading skills, then it's time that we start teaching these basics from day one at home with our kids - because what better way than starting early?

A child should be able to count up to 100. He or she should also be able to read, write, and spell the numbers from one to ten. The concept of place value is also introduced, as is learning about the relationship between the numbers and shapes. Furthermore, in First Grade, students will begin to learn how to tell the time to the quarter-hour and half-hour. They'll also begin to tell time in five minute increments with both analog and digital clocks. They will also learn about elapsed time, which will be easier to understand with a keen number sense.

What should you remember when searching for maths teachers near me

First of all, to choose the best maths tutor near me, every parent has to understand their goals and expectations from cooperation with them. Whether you want your kid to improve their basic knowledge or study math on an advanced level, you have to find a math helper who has enough skills and expertise to meet your needs. 

To do that, analyze the current difficulties your kid has with learning math at the moment. Have a sincere talk on the matter and don’t rush to condemn your kid for laziness or inconsistent study habits. 

Next, set the study goal together. To achieve it faster, make sure it is concrete, time-limited, and measurable. For example, if your kid struggles with basic math, ask a local or online math tutor to explain to them five topics from the school program of the current semester and help them pass the midterm exam in math with a certain grade. But if you want your kid to win a math contest or olympiad, consider setting your goal as comprehending all advanced math topics that will be tested on the competition. 

As you can see, different goals lead to searching for different maths tutors. In the first case, you can hire almost any math school teacher to work with your child, while in the second case, it’s reasonable to spend some time choosing the tutor who gets students prepared for math contests and can teach advanced math. 

Some great math games for kids who are visual learners might include something like Treasure Island, which is a game that teaches basic multiplication and division through exponential Growth. For those moreinterested in abstract reasoning, there are games that toywith concepts like change blindness, movement patterns,and perception illusions. There 4th Grade Math Games often very intuitive and kid-friendly!

Kid's who like to be active might prefer something along the lines of Super Clewer Kids or Simon Says Many More, both of which involving physical activity while also encouraging mathematical thinking.

Consider finding a tutor math online

Once you know the goal you want your kid to achieve, start searching for maths teachers near me if you prefer offline classes. At the same time, take into account the pandemic situation in your area and think about taking online classes in math to protect your kid. 

Besides avoiding the risk to get infected with COVID-19, the decision to hire an online math  tutor has other advantages: 

  • The pool of potential tutors is much larger. Now that you don’t limit yourself to the location, you can find a great tutor in the neighboring city or state or even the other side of the globe to work with your kid. The more options you have, the higher the chances of finding the perfect teacher for your kid are; 

  • You don’t have to put much effort into adding math classes to your kid’s schedule. If you choose online math tutoring, you don’t need to think about driving your kid to the teacher and back home or searching for appropriate public transport to do that. With an online math tutor, your kid just comes home after school, turns on their laptop, and starts learning; 

  • You can choose the pace of learning. With 1:1 communication provided by tutor math online, your kid can fasten or slow down the pace of the study process. There is no need to rush if your kid cannot understand some topic or problem; 

  • You will pay less. Since the pool of potential teachers is larger when you search for them online, you can easily find the one who is not only qualified but also affordable. We understand that private lessons are not cheap, that’s why our classes are provided at moderate rates. 

Math learning disability

Dyscalculia is a learning disorder that affects a child's ability to understand and work with numbers. A dyscalculia test can help identify which children have this disorder so they can get the education and support they need to succeed in school.

There is no one specific dyscalculia test for all children, as each child may display some symptoms of the disorder. These include difficulty understanding concepts like time, money, and measurement; difficulty with basic math skills such as counting, addition, and subtraction; difficulty recognizing patterns; and trouble with spatial perception.

The Dyscalculia Test for Child is a comprehensive psychological and educational assessment used to diagnose dyscalculia, or difficulty with math skills. The test covers a wide range of mathematical abilities, including basic numeration, calculation, estimation, spatial perception, and more. Through their scores on the various sections of the test, children can be diagnosed with specific learning disabilities that impact their math skills. With this information, parents and educators can develop tailored interventions to help improve the child's mathematical abilities.

Read maths tutors reviews and testimonials

Another thing you should not forget about is checking what students say about their tutors. When you search for a free online maths tutor on study platforms, you can find a lot of reviews and comments on the quality of tutors’ classes, their features, and whether it is easy to get along with them. Don’t hesitate to read them and look for other opinions on independent websites with testimonials (they are especially useful if you want to find out whether a certain math study platform is legit).

Find out the qualification of a maths tutor of your choice

The next thing you have to remember about is the qualification of your kid’s future tutor. Don’t settle with what is written on a tutor’s website: instead, feel free to do your research to make sure whether they really hold that Ivy League school degree and constantly improve their knowledge through participating in workshops, conferences, scientific initiatives, etc. 

This point is important in case you are looking for a math tutor to help your kid prepare for standardized testing and get into the college of their dreams. Therefore, don’t hesitate to Google their qualification and ask about it during the first meeting: you have a right to make sure that you will pay money to a real professional. 

Are speak and maths skills equally important when choosing a math tutor? 

When you search for a math tutor for your kid, you have to not only find a person who knows how to teach math but is also able to find a common language with your kid. All children are different, and so are the teachers, but it doesn’t matter that you should give up the idea to find a talented and inspiring tutor for your son or daughter. Let your kid meet and get acquainted with a tutor and don’t force them to continue their classes if your kid doesn’t feel okay communicating with the teacher. 

It is much easier to study with a mentor who inspires and challenges you than with one who is too strict or detached. Remember that comfort and mental well-being of your kid is above all.


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